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Dramatic LeanI was born in Weymouth, MA in 1991. Moving to Los Angeles shortly thereafter, I have grown up in one of the busiest and most diverse cities in the United States.

Being raised in the arts, I always pursued a number of creative ventures, those being porno gay my constant interests. This same mindset and drive led me to begin making a name and living for myself and others as an entrepreneur, eventually co-founding my own company, which now houses a number of ventures, products and services.

I love people, and I love to help. I want to see the world become a better and happier place, and I want to have a big hand in that.

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The GuildOne of my first and early passions was acting. I was eager, throughout my childhood, to participate in every school play, function, and musical that I possibly could, and took every acting class available.

Eventually I decided to pursue it professionally with encouragement from my parents (my father, Bob Caso, is also an actor). Soon I was auditioning, shortly thereafter booking a lead role in the independent film “Humble Pie”.

This was my first taste of the professional acting field, and I learned many lessons that have shaped who I am as an actor and a person to this day.

Not too long after Humble Pie I auditioned for and booked the role of “Bladezz” on the hit webseries “The Guild” with co-stars Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, Jeffery Lewis, Robin Thorsen, and Amy Okuda.

This is the role I’ve become best known for, and has provided me with innumerable opportunities. The extremely supportive, and incredibly large, base of fans that has developed around The Guild is made up of incredible people, and we would not be here without them. They’ve made us all feel that the show is worth something, and that our participation is valuable, something we are extremely appreciative for.

If you would like to learn more about The Guild, check us out at: http://www.WatchTheGuild.com

Business Owner

SUIT UPAt the age of 17, having had incredible experiences on The Guild, I wanted to find more ways to accomplish two of my primary goals:

1. To create a wide sphere of reach and leverage in my life so as to bring about the change I’d like to see in the world.

2. To be able to help people and the world on the broadest scale possible.

To this end, I decided to enter the world of business.

I currently operate two very exciting start-ups: New Era Marketing Services and the Seasons Media Group (my parent company).

My companies grow by the day, and very soon the various projects that they are engaged in will expand into the broader public view, and will thus require more staff.

For this reason I am always looking for capable, talented people who are skilled in their field.

If you fit that description, and would be interested in working with a company on the cutting edge of New Media and online marketing (soon to become so much more), contact me at the address below to be put on my go-to list of contacts for future positions:


Be sure to include in the subject line “POSITION INQUIRY”. In the message, explain your area of expertise, your general location, and any examples of experience in your field.

Card Sharp

spring1From a young age I have always been interested in the mystical arts. An avid practitioner of simple and self-working tricks since the age of 6, I later performed walk-around magic at the esteemed Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, as well as performances for parties, groups large and small, and demonstrations of skill in the popular online show “The Guild” – in which I also co-starred.

At the age of 12 I branched off into the field of Card Manipulation (known alternatively lesbian porn movies as “Cardistry” and “Flourishing”), which I have practiced and performed for the last 9 years.

This visual art incorporates a deck of playing cards that is cut, spread, twisted and manipulated into a variety of impressive and aesthetic stunts. One such example is the mobile porn image just above, known as the “Card Spring”.

I love to perform, and am affiliated with a short term loans large network of expert magicians and card handlers. Looking for top-shelf entertainment for your next party, corporate event or other shindig? Send me a message via my contact form and I will help connect you with an expert entertainer in your area.


Kissy kissyFrom the moment of having dictated my very first story at the age of 3 to the present day, I’ve kept up a fiery passion for storytelling.

While time to write, and the dedication to see a given work through, have unfortunately taken a back seat to my other ventures in recent years, it is something I am no less interested and excited to further pursue.

In fact, I am currently writing my first hot lesbian porn novels, “Sleepsight” and “Silent Lights” due to be hot lesbian porn published in early 2015! Stay in touch with me on Facebook and Twitter where kamagra online I’ll post updates as they come!

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